Trey Newton

Trey NewtonTrey received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas with degrees in Psychology and Foundations from the McCombs School of Business.

Trey’s deep background in Statistical Psychology, Crowd Analytics, Predictive Modeling and Forecast Analysis affords him unique insight into voter patterns, trend analyses, pre-emergent psychological evaluation and unorthodox social forecast metrics.

As well, Trey has worked in Texas politics for over three decades.  He apprenticed under his father, who formed the Associated Republicans of Texas and provided Trey with a front row seat to the beginnings of the then re-emerging Republican Party in Texas.  Trey has been around political campaigns since his teens, worked as a senior staffer in the Texas Legislature, served as Chief of Staff in three State Agencies and managed numerous local, county and statewide political campaigns.  Trey has also developed an expertise in forming, managing, advising on and overseeing PACs, Super PACs, 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations and Interest Organizations in Texas and abroad.  This breadth of experience has imbued Trey with a unique blend of legislative, regulatory and political understanding that is uncommon in the consulting industry, even among experienced political operatives.

Trey is the creative and strategic engine that drives LightSwitch.  Our solutions are predicated on an insight, perspective and methodology that is unique to advisory consulting.  While others are focused on real-time (stale) metrics to predict outcomes, LightSwitch models its forecasts on what will occur in the future – and we can shape public opinion accordingly.  Only someone with Trey’s experience and training allows LightSwitch to be able to accomplish this.  It is our secret sauce.