Targeting, Engagement, and Penetration of Hispanic Economy

LightSwitch was designed to understand, target and engage the growing Hispanic economy.  As the purchasing power of the Hispanic community grows, it is imperative that modern business, both traditional and Hispanic-centric, understand the unique characteristics of the Hispanic consumer.  While other consultants approach this market with a singular and static strategy, LightSwitch understands that the Hispanic community is both disparate and ever evolving.  First generation Hispanics are markedly different than third or fourth generation Hispanics.  Being able to discern these nuances is critical to your ability to reach and engage with this significant market consumer.  In order to maximize your reach, LightSwitch provides the following services:

  • Data and Purchasing Power Analytics of the Hispanic Consumer
  • Polling and Focus Group Analysis of Hispanic Consumers
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Active Testing and Measurement of Proposals, Products and Services
  • Educational Analyses of Dissimilar Hispanic Constituency Groups
  • Analysis and Strategic Planning of Hispanic Economy Initiatives