Why LightSwitch?

How is LightSwitch different than the other consulting groups?

We aren’t consultants.  The LightSwitch Team has been tempered in the fires of Texas politics.  Jason Villalba currently serves as a member of the Texas House of Representatives.  He was a longshot to win his first political race.  He was underfunded, received no-support from the establishment, faced a well-known public figure, and was outgunned by his opponent.  But Villalba still found a way to succeed.  His secret? Insight.  Perseverance.  And most importantly, having his hand squarely on the pulse of public opinion.  Jason intuitively understands how to shape public opinion.  He’s done it in his political campaigns and professional endeavors and he can do it for your business.

Trey Newton has been steeped in Texas politics for over 30 years.  From counseling a first-time county judge to victory or serving as the top political advisor on a statewide campaign, Trey has been there.  He is a seasoned pollster, analytics expert, strategist, and advisor.  Trey is the best in Texas at creating, advising, managing, and winning political campaigns and crafting successful strategic plans.  His predictive modeling techniques have proven effective at every level of Texas politics and business.

Ashley Juergens is a political savant.  She started in politics in the hallowed halls of the Capitol just out of college and has quickly worked her way to the positions of Chief of Staff and Chief Political Strategist with one of the most visible members of the Texas House.  She did this through hard work, excellent performance, and laser-focused perseverance.  If it can be done, Ashley will find a way.

How can a group of political advisors assist my company in better accessing the growing Hispanic economy?

LightSwitch is a Minority/Woman-owned business founded by the first Hispanic to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, the first Hispanic ever elected to serve in House District 114, and one of only three Hispanic Republican elected-officials to serve in the Texas Legislature.  Prior to his elected service, Jason was the Chairman of the Dallas County Republican National Hispanic Assembly.  In each of these various roles, Jason had a single charge: to better understand how the Republican Party could gain acceptance from the fastest growing electorate in the Country.  Jason found success in understanding that the Hispanic community was not monolithic, but was very diverse – what brought them together was their uniquely shared cultural pride and their sense of a common Texas heritage.  He also recognized that Hispanics, like all Texans, want to be respected as people, rather than treated as statistics or mere votes.  Jason Villalba, “the poor Latino kid from the wrong side of the Trinity River” – as he describes himself – understands what it means to be Hispanic in Texas.  He can help you understand how to engage that community.

Trey Newton also has a depth and breadth of experience that helps LightSwitch better engage the Hispanic community.  Trey, along with some very high profile Hispanic Texans, formed the Hispanic Republicans of Texas in 2009.  Their goal was to engage the Hispanic community in a way that had not been done before in Texas politics.  Their success in raising resources for the organization and in winning the hearts and votes of Hispanics all around Texas make HRT a singularly unique group in Latino engagement.  Newton devised and implemented that successful strategy.  He can do the same for your business.

We have a great product/idea – the people will adopt it.  Why do we need to worry about politics?

The world is changing at an accelerating pace.  No longer is having the best product/idea good enough.  What we have learned at LightSwitch is that even if your idea is noble, or a good cause or good for the community, there are outside influences who want your proposal to fail.  Our experience in politics has shown us that there is a way to inoculate your vision from outsiders and WIN in the face of adversity.

LightSwitch is in the business of ensuring that you achieve your objectives.  We already know that you have the best product, our job is the shape public opinion, so that everyone else agrees with you.

There are hundreds of consultants out there who want our business.  They have long lists of customers.  Is LightSwitch as experienced as they are?

No.  We are more experienced.  Other consultants are focused on the past – what they have achieved in political eras gone by.  LightSwitch is uniquely qualified because we are active participants in the tumultuous political cycles of the current era.  We have seen how the political world has changed in just the last decade.  We understand (and we have the battle scars to show for it) that the opposition does not play fair and that if they want you to fail they will not relent.  We have found a way to fight back and to beat the opposition at their own game.

We want to represent you so that we can prepare you for what is ahead.  LightSwitch will be prepared, will provide the best customer service, will utilize bleeding edge technologies and strategies, and will have an understanding of the opposition that our competitors simply won’t.

Does LightSwitch provide services beyond merely winning elections?

Yes.  Our core competency derives from our political skills, but we have also learned how to provide services well beyond campaigns.  Because of the depth of our experience in crafting successful strategies for public officials, we have learned how to:

  • advise businesses, boards, and committees regarding legal, political, and strategic processes relating to complex business projects, initiatives, proposals, regulatory changes, or any other action requiring the approval of a vote-holding constituency,
  • Understand, engage and penetrate highly-differentiated Hispanic markets in multiple industries including retail, finance, hospitality, restaurants, leisure, and sales,
  • analyze current trends in community, local, county, state, and national standards,
  • provide analytics and predictive forecasting on future demographic trends and shifts,
  • deliver state of the art polling and survey reports utilizing the latest stochastic analytical metrics and micro-targeted focus segments,
  • generate strategic analyses and reports capable of holistically capturing the current trends in a given data class and effectively and accurately predicting future developments and needs,
  • forming, managing, and administering political action committees necessary to effect a given political or community objective.