Ashley M. Juergens

Ashley M. JuergensAshley received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas State University with a focus on economics and she is nearing completion of her Masters of Business Administration.

Ashley currently serves in a full-time capacity as the Chief of Staff for State Representative Jason Villalba.  After hours and on nights and weekends, she serves as the Chief Political Strategist and Chief Financial Officer for Texans For Jason Villalba. In such capacity, Ashley is responsible for analysis, diligence and crafting of policy and political strategy, managing multiple employees in both a state and district office, maintaining and managing state and political budgets and accounting procedures, and advising the Representative on matters relating to education finance, strategy, grass roots efforts, analytics modeling and GOTV programs.

Ashley’s has cultivated a myriad of politically important strengths that enable her to provide an insight and perspective that is singularly unique.  Based on her deep experience working on campaigns and dealing with political crises, she has developed the ability to quickly and efficiently manage shifting dynamics and an uncanny ability to see the problem quickly, diagnose the root cause and begin the process of finding the right solution to “fix it.”